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Whatever your situation I feel confident that you will find something in this book that will unleash positive changes in your work and home life in powerful ways.

This collection of workplace short stories is written from experience and inspired by our clients. These stories are based on real life scenarios and interventions which will resonate with many of you and give you tips and techniques to help you overcome common, as well as complex workplace issues. The combination of all this makes this an interesting and exciting read.

The areas covered by the book are:

* Resilience Building - Discover expert techniques that will enable you to thrive during difficult challenging times.
* Change Management - Learn how to derive positive outcomes from difficult change.
* Anger Management - Avoid letting your anger compromise your relationships & career.
* Stress Management - Learn how to overcome stressful situations and avoid a break down.
* Mediation - Find out how to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Real life situations and real life interventions, written with first-hand knowledge, packed full of advice on how to overcome stress and perform at your peak despite challenges. Each story is accompanied by a commentary, full of expert guidance and tips.

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